The average show raises $5000 after expenses

Funny 4 Funds is a new and exciting way to raise money for your cause. We will provide everything you will need for a successful and profitable event.

Each Funny 4 Funds show includes:


  • Online Ticket Sales
  • Online Sponsorship Opportunities
  • Online Donations
  • Electronic file of flyer
  • Facebook Invite Page


  • 90 minute stand up comedy show
  • 3 Comedians for the show
  • We will emcee raffles and silent/live auctions


  • Sound, stage, lights, and entertainment
  • Raffle and 50/50 tickets provided
  • PG, PG-13 and 18+ Rated Shows Available

Pat Collins

Pat Collins , A true Comedy Veteran Who not only has performed with some of The Nations Top Comedians but has also Produced many many Comedy events that exceed all expectations whether it be a straight up comedy night or a comedy night Fundraiser. Pat will Guide you to a successful Fundraiser!

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