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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Funny 4 Funds?

Funny 4 Funds is a business created by Mike Murray and Bill Simas to create a duplicatable style fundraising event that can be replicated for any group or cause to maximize fundraising potential and minimize the amount of stress it can take to hold such an event.

What's the best way to get started with booking a Funny4Funds comedy night fundraiser?

All you need to do is find a venue to hold your event, get three available dates that work for your group or cause (in order of preference) and then contact Funny 4 Funds to book one of those dates. From there, we will work with you and guide you through our proven system, which has helped groups and causes raise, on average, over $5,000 after all expenses.

What type of comedy shows do you provide?

We provide a three person comedy show – host, featured act, and a headliner... minimum of 90 minutes of comedy.

F4F has a network of comedians that we draw from to fit the specific needs of your show. These comedians are selected by Branch Managers with confidence in their ability to deliver a great show.

PG, PG-13, and 18+ shows available.

Where can we host this event?

If you have a venue in mind, be sure it will accommodate a comedy style venue (i.e. private function room, VFW, Elk’s, banquet halls - not a bar or lounge).

Should we have a meal at the fundraiser?

Don’t feel the need to feed the people (LOL). It’s a fundraiser, concentrate on fundraising, not feeding. Some venues will offer dinner service, while others do not – check your venue. You can make it a potluck style or BYOS (Bring Your Own Snacks). If you let the people know to eat before the show that means less money on food and more money towards your fundraiser!

What type of events will you raise money for?

Anything! We have done everything from raising money for a softball team to helping people pay for medical bills to PTA events. It really doesn’t matter, if it’s important to you, it’s important to us.

What are we responsible for taking care of in preparation for the event?

Everything is explained in detail at out FREE 1-HOUR weekly pep rally. We ask all perspective clients to attend just one pep rally.

How much time do I need to organize and promote a successful fundraiser?

We suggest at LEAST 4-5 weeks.

Does F4F promote our show?

Yes, only on the Funny 4 Funds Facebook page. Our personal pages are for our personal life and promoting upcoming shows where other companies have hired us to perform.

To be most beneficial to YOUR cause, please tell everyone in your group and their extended friends to "LIKE" Funny 4 Funds, so that we generate more activity to our posts of your show.

When will we receive the tickets and flyers for the show?

We will provide you with flyers & tickets once the show is booked and your deposit for the show is received.

What is the average amount raised when using Funny 4 Funds?

After expenses, the average amount raised has been $5000 with a show of 150 attendees, table sponsors, raffles and a 50/50 raffle.


What is the benefit of using Funny 4 Funds over other types of fundraisers?

Funny 4 Funds has been involved in fundraising events for the last several years and have created a formula of what works versus what does not work to ensure that you will maximize your fundraising, accomplish your goal and have the least amount of stress possible during your experience. You will have personal contact with your branch manager for any questions or concerns you may have as your event date approaches.

Do I need to provide a deposit for the show?

Yes, a deposit will be required upon booking to hold the date of the event and to start the printing of tickets and flyers. A show can always be rescheduled upon availability, but if a show is cancelled the deposit is non refundable. We will hold the deposit during the rescheduling process. Shows can only be postponed due to state of emergency and inclimate weather.

How do I begin?

Contact the manager for your area.

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