Welcome to the Funny 4 Funds Family

From left to right: Austin, Abby, Bill, Bethany, Colton, Autumn and Andrew

Funny 4 Funds has always been about serving Family and Community, even now more than ever. Pictured above is the owner and co-founder of Funny 4 Funds, Bill Simas with his wife Bethany, the Executive Assistant of Funny 4 Funds and their blended family. Everyone in the family knows that passion trumps everything including Harley, the family dog and Funny 4 Funds mascot who barks with excitement every time a big check is turned around! With the family always helping, whether it's the boys setting up or breaking down a show, or the girls helping behind the scenes, we all work together to make sure Funny 4 Funds is a family owned and operated business. From our family to yours, we look forward to serving you with any and all of your fundraising needs and helping you laugh all the way to the bank!

An average show raises $5000 after expenses

Funny 4 Funds is an exciting way to raise money for your cause. We will provide everything you will need for a successful and profitable event.

Funny 4 Funds can provide you with a clean show or an 18+ show, and can accommodate any audience.

Each Funny 4 Funds show includes:

  • 90 minute stand up comedy show
  • 3 Comedians for the show
  • Electronic file of flyer
  • Facebook Invite Page
  • Sound, stage, lights, and entertainment
  • We will emcee raffles and silent/live auctions
  • Raffle and 50/50 tickets provided
  • PG, PG-13 and 18+ Rated Shows Available

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